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Alliance For Aging Research Statement of Values

As a tax-exempt, not-for-profit organization with a commitment to the public interest, the Alliance is guided by five core values that are incorporated at every level of decision-making so we might help improve the health and independence of the aging population.

We believe innovative health-related research is the most effective way to ensure a healthy life for older Americans and, as a result, achieve a longevity dividend for the nation.
A trusted not-for-profit organization can communicate the legitimate ambitions of millions of Americans for a healthy and long life. The Alliance seeks to amplify that voice in order to strengthen public policies and the research enterprise.
We stand ready to develop effective partnerships with those who share our scientific, educational, health and policy goals.
We remain true to our mission for healthy aging research, and we will educate Americans on the value of health care that is patient-centered, knowledge-intense, and innovation-driven.
The Alliance will meet the highest possible standards to be accurate, objective, and ethically sound in all of its activities, communications, educational materials, and public statements.

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