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Author: Noel Lloyd

Date: January 6th, 2016

This week The New York Times ran an exceptional story about six New Yorkers who are experiencing life as older adults.  

For the past year, the author, John Leland, has followed the lives of these men and women, all of whom are age 85 and over. Along the way, they experienced not only loss, anger, and sadness, but happiness, love, and a greater understanding of the joy of life.

Each of these six people has significant wisdom to share about their lives, both from a vast storehouse of memories and their day-to-day experiences as older adults.  

There's Helen Moses, who has found love. And Frederick Jones, whose life I am sure needs to be made into a movie. And Ping Wong, who says, despite the constant pain in her joints, “Time is short, I know. No matter how much time I have I will laugh. The everyday activities I do will make myself happier. I prolong it by myself.”

You can meet all of the six people here. You'll find it well worth your time to do so.  

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