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April 1, 2004

New Age of Aging: Key Survey Findings

In March and April of 2002, the Alliance sponsored a telephone survey of Baby Boomers and adults older than the Baby Boom generation.  Opinion Research Corp. conducted the survey of more than 1,000 individuals.  The results were released at an all-day editors' conference - Mature in a New Millenium in New York.
May 19, 2003

Ageism in Healthcare Testimony: Senate Special Committee on Aging

Daniel Perry, executive director of the Alliance for Aging Research, submitted testimony before the Senate Special Committee on Aging, highlighting…
February 1, 2002

Medical Never-Never Land: 10 reasons why America is not ready for the coming age boom

Published in 2002, this report anticipated the coming age boom and reported to the nation on the shortage of healthcare professionals trained to care for the nation's older patients.
June 1, 1999

Independence for Older Americans: An investment for our nation’s future

This seminal report from the Alliance revealed the enormous economic and social costs which result from lost independence in our…
January 19, 1999

Stem Cell Testimony: National bioethics advisory commission

Daniel Perry, Executive Director of the Alliance for Aging Research, discusses recent discoveries involving human embryonic stem cells.