Medication Safety 101: Usage, Storage, and Disposal Twitter Chat

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Update 3/23: We had a successful chat today. We thank everyone who participated! If you would like to see the #SafeMedsChat in its entirety, please go to its Storify page.

The Alliance for Aging Research, in partnership with the Acetaminophen Awareness Coalition, the American Association of Poison Control Centers, CHPA Educational Foundation, and the National Council on Patient Information & Education, will host a Twitter chat on March 23 on how to safely choose, take, store, and dispose of OTC medications. Topics will include:

  • Tips on how and when to take (and not take) medications
  • Guidance on safely storing medications to keep them out of the hands of young children and those who might want to abuse medications
  • Info on how to safely dispose of unwanted medications

You can follow the chat @aging_research and use #SafeMedsChat. Please check back to this site as we'll be posting additional information in the coming weeks.

The Twitter Chat will cover the following questions and more!

  • Why is responsible medication use, storage, and disposal important to you?
  • How do you know if a medication is right for you?
  • How should people keep track of all their medications?
  • What are some tips for remembering what you took and when?
  • Knowing how common accidental overdose is, what are some ways to prevent it?
  • Where should you store your medications?
  • Is it ok to store your medications outside of their original packaging?
  • What do you do if your medication is tampered with, damaged, or expired?
  • How do you safely dispose of unwanted or expired medications?
  • Is it safe to flush unwanted medications?
  • What are some of the symptoms of a medication overdose?
  • What should you do if you take more than the recommended amount of a medication?
  • Who can you turn to if you have questions about your medications, their interactions, etc?