The Silver Book: Slaying the Medicare Dragons – Heart Disease

In the second of four briefings looking at the growing burden of chronic disease and the promise of innovation, the Alliance for Aging Research focused on heart disease. More than 79 million American adults suffer from heart disease, stroke, or other cardiovascular diseases. Nearly 2,400 people die from these diseases each day in the United States, an average of one death every 36 seconds. In 2007, the estimated direct and indirect cost of cardiovascular disease in the U.S. is $431.8 billion.


Heart Disease and Innovation: The Potential and Promise
Raymond J. Gibbons, MD
President, American Heart Association
Professor of Medicine, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine

The Value of High Blood Pressure Drugs
Genia Long

Vice President, Analysis Group

The Importance of Early Detection and Research
Juddson Rupp

Heart Disease Survivor

This briefing is cosponsored by the American Heart Association.

This briefing series is supported by a grant from the Biotechnology Industry Organization.