Experts to Debate Whether ‘Lifespans Are Long Enough’

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Lifespans are long enough.

This premise will be the subject of what is sure to be a stimulating debate among four eminent experts tomorrow evening starting at 6:45 p.m. ET in New York City. It is hosted by Intelligence Squared U.S.

On the side of “yes, lifespans are long enough” are Ian Ground, philosopher & lecturer, University of Newcastle, and Paul Root Wolpe, director, Emory Center for Ethics. They argue that extending lifespan will lead to overpopulation and that scientific research would be better spent curing “known diseases and improving existing quality of life.”

On the side of “no, we should do more to extend lifespan” is Brian Kennedy, CEO & president, Buck Institute for Research on Aging, and Aubrey de Grey, chief science officer & co-founder, SENS Research Foundation. They say life extension research would reduce age-related disease and greatly benefit society.

To watch the debate, you can go here.

The event's hosts also invite you to cast your own vote on the issue. You can go here to vote.