HROTW: The Silver Book®, Diabetes

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Did you know that every six seconds someone dies due to diabetes? Or that it’s estimated that more than 592 million people will have diabetes worldwide by 2035?

What about the costs? Did you know diabetes costs in the U.S. reached $245 billion in 2012?

Chances are we at least know that diabetes has a huge impact on millions of people. But many of us probably don’t know the true impact on health and the costs to our health care system.

Since November is National Diabetes Month, we have chosen The Silver Book®, Diabetes, as our Health Resource of the Week.

The Silver Book®, Diabetes, serves as a comprehensive online source for stats on diabetes, including its prevalence and cost. The site offers info on the latest innovations and promising research as well.

Whether you are interested in learning more about diabetes or need a fact for research you are doing, The Silver Book®, Diabetes, is a valuable resource.