New Pocket Film to Encourage Clinical Trial Participation

We’re excited to announce that we have a new film that highlights the importance of clinical trials and encourages volunteerism!

Clinical trials are research studies involving people that analyze the effects of experimental tests or treatments. Clinical trials play a key role in medical research and volunteers play the biggest role in these studies. Without volunteers, clinical trials cannot move forward. Unfortunately, enrollment for clinical trials is lagging – 37 percent of trials don’t meet their enrollment goals and 11 percent don’t enroll a single patient. While enrollment is low across the board for trials, it’s a huge problem among older adults, who are most affected by chronic disease.

It’s important that people learn more about clinical trials and why they are imperative in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of illnesses.

Our new “pocket film” explains exactly what clinical trials are, the science behind them, why it’s important to participate, and how to participate. Watch the film above. For more information on clinical trials, visit our information page.