Seeking Local DC People for Video in Support of the NIH

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Do you live in the DC area? Do you have a health cause for which you are very passionate, be it cancer, Alzheimer’s, or another condition? Do you support the cause of the National Institutes of Health? If so, we want to invite you to participate in the making of a video we are shooting this Wednesday, July 22.

We are creating a special, patient-focused video that highlights the importance of medical research to a wide array of diseases to be screened at the Rally for Medical Research events in September. And we are looking for real-life people to star in our video.

Our “stars” will hold signs with statistics about both the successes that have come as a result of NIH-funded research as well as messaging statements about areas where progress (and funding to support it) is needed. There is no speaking needed, just your time and enthusiasm!

Please send us an email or call 202.688.1229 if interested.