Update: Talaya Waller Birthday Update

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We recently posted the story of Talaya Waller and her 29th birthday party.

Talaya threw the party to raise awareness about Alzheimer’s disease. Her grandmother has the condition, and Talaya decided to use her birthday as a way to honor her grandmother. She also asked her friends and family to forgo birthday gifts and instead make a donation to help the Alliance and its ACT-AD initiative, a coalition that seeks to accelerate the development of potential cures for the condition through research.

Today Talaya stopped by the offices of the Alliance to present a check for $1,150— which was more than double her goal! She is pictured at right with Alliance Founder Dan Perry and President & CEO Sue Peschin.

We want to thank Talaya for her commitment to Alzheimer’s research and for including us in her special tribute to her grandmother.