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Give Thanks to Public Health Professionals

November 21, 2016   |   Alliance for Aging Research Team   |   Healthy Aging, Prevention
Stethoscope and syringe lying on public health bulletin.

Today is Public Health Thank You Day (PHTYD)! We’ve partnered with Research!America and leading public health organizations to recognize public health professionals who protect our health and safety daily.

Public health professionals work to improve the health of populations through efforts like campaigns to promote healthy behaviors, working to create treatments to combat diseases, or detecting health threats. Learn more about the different types of health professionals here.

The Alliance understands how important prevention is to public health, which is why we are committed to making older adults aware of diseases and conditions that may affect them. Our health information page has the latest resources on a variety of conditions and issues – from cardiovascular disease to diabetes to the importance of adult vaccinations.

The Alliance’s Healthspan Campaign also features the “Healthspan Expert Q & A Series” that features insights from leading aging experts about the latest research and insights into healthspan.

Check out one of our recent videos on the importance of vaccinations for older adults and the toll preventable diseases can take on one’s health. The video highlights the importance of talking to a health professional to learn more about vaccinations and what vaccines are recommended for you.

Watch below:

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