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Research Advisory Council

The Research Advisory Council (RAC) is a diverse network of leading experts in research, clinical care, health economics, patient and family caregiver advocacy, health education, and other fields; and who specialize in health conditions, diseases, and issues that disproportionately impact older adults.

This group of experts helps to inform and review our resources by area of expertise, to ensure that they are accurate, objective, and effective; provide strategic guidance and recommendations for the direction of our programs; and share insights on innovations, trends, and opportunity gaps in their fields.

While the RAC provides invaluable expertise and guidance, the Alliance is not required to consult with RAC members and is not restricted from seeking expertise from outside of the RAC. Additionally, participation in the RAC does not imply endorsement of all Alliance materials or positions.

Note that the RAC members listed below are currently serving three year terms which began on January 1, 2024.

Olusean Alli, MD

Director, Structural Heart Program
Novant Health

Henry Buchwald, MD, PhD, FACS, HonFRCS

Emeritus Professor of Surgery & Biomedical Engineering
University of Minnesota

Neil Bressler, MD*

Professor of Ophthalmology
Johns Hopkins University, Wilmer Eye Institute
*Participation by Dr. Neil Bressler in this activity does not constitute or imply endorsement by the Johns Hopkins University, the Johns Hopkins Hospital, or the Johns Hopkins Health System, nor JAMA, the JAMA Network or JAMA Ophthalmology

Peggy Cawthon, PhD, MPH

Scientific Director
California Pacific Medical Center Research Inst.

Carolyn Clevenger, NP, DNP

Professor & Director, Integrated Memory Care
Emory, School of Nursing

Elissa Epel, PhD

Professor & Vice-Chair
Dept of Psychiatry
University of California, San Francisco

William Evans, PhD

Adjunct Professor, Department of Medicine
University of California, Berkeley

Roger Fielding, PhD

Professor of Nutrition & Medicine
Tufts University School of Medicine

Jack Guralnik, MD, PhD, MPH

University of Maryland School of Medicine

Dilip V. Jeste, MD

Director, Global Research Network on Social Determinants of Mental Health

James Kirkland, MD, PhD

Endocrinologist, Geriatrician, Internist, Mayo Clinic

Shon Lowe

Family Caregiver & Advocate

Jacobo Mintzer, MD, MBA

Professor, College of Health Professions
Medical University of South Carolina

Theresa Montgomery

Patient Advocate

Suzy Szasz Palmer

Talk NERDY Patient Advocate

George Perry, PhD

Distinguished University Chair in Neurobiology
University of Texas, San Antonio

Cary Reid, PhD, MD

Professor in Geriatrics
Weill Cornell Medicine

Anne Richard

Patient Advocate

William Schaffner, MD

Professor of Medicine, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Division of Infectious Diseases

Kawsar Talaat, MD

Associate Professor
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Kenneth E. Thorpe, PhD

Chair of Health Policy & Management, Emory University, Rollins School of Public Health

Vinod Thourani, MD

Marcus Chief of Cardiovascular Surgery
Piedmont Healthcare