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Test Your Techno Tolerance

August 22, 2008   |   Alliance for Aging Research Team   |   Other Policy Priorities

How do you feel about genetic engineering? What’s your position on stem cell research? Is it ok for us to invest technology that could make us immortal? What kind of restrictions should be placed on our use of technology? Are you a neo-luddite? Transhumanist?

These are all questions that might be asked of someone running for public office or a person who sits on a bio ethics committee. In reality, these are questions that we should be asking our own selves. Why? Because technology is ever evolving these days and new challenges are always on their way that need technology to solve them. The use of various inventions in different ways could really compromise what it means to be human, and it could certainly undermine your personal values. On the contrary, promising technology could be integral to the survival of the human species.

Us folks over at Sage Crossroads just rolled out a playful, yet informative quiz that asks these kind of direct questions. The “Test Your Techno Tolerance” test does just what it says; it challenges you to find your comfort zone with technology and probes your deepest ideas about humanity. It’s best to be informed about these issues because it will ultimately be up to the masses on whether or not we embrace certain forms of technology or sanction its use.

For the record, the test shows that I’m a techno-progressive. Take it today, and find out where you stand!

This post was written by Valerie Hagan, former Health Programs Coordinator at the Alliance.

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