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We Raise Awareness So You Can Age Healthy

September 1, 2016   |   Alliance for Aging Research Team   |   Healthy Aging, Who We Are
Seniors cyling on grassy trail.

We always look forward to the arrival of September at the Alliance. That’s because it marks the beginning of Healthy Aging Month.

As we get older, maintaining our health becomes even more important. While we can’t stop the aging process, we can make informed decisions about our health by educating ourselves about diseases and conditions that most affect older adults.

For example, a survey we just released this week about heart valve disease (HVD) awareness reveals that 30 percent of those over the age of 65 know nothing about HVD. Yet, one in eight people age 75 and older are estimated to have moderate to severe heart valve disease.

Heart valve disease is a condition that is treatable, but only if people know they have the disease. What our survey told us is that more awareness is desperately needed for this condition.

And it’s not just for HVD. In areas like malnutrition and vaccines, awareness is also lacking among older adults.

That’s why we have created campaigns to bring more awareness about conditions like valve disease, malnutrition, and vaccines. It’s also why we offer a series of “pocket films” that educate on a whole range of health conditions and issues that most affect older adults.

If you want to learn more about healthy aging, you will find helpful resources on our Health Information page. Whether it is heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, nutrition, or medication safety, we have you covered.

As we continue throughout the month, we’ll be sharing these resources on Twitter, Facebook, and right here on this blog. So come back often and we wish you a great Healthy Aging Month!

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