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WEBINAR: A Better Framework to Assess the Value of Alzheimer’s Treatments


May 18, 2021
2-3:00 PM ET




Michael Ward, MS
Vice President of Public Policy

Alzheimer’s disease (AD) progressively destroys patients’ memory, language, physical function, and autonomy, driving escalating care costs and dependence on family caregivers. As of 2019, 5.7 million adults, most age 65 or older, were estimated to be living with AD in the United States (US). Finding effective therapeutics to delay the onset and treat AD is critical, given the immense human and healthcare system costs of the disease.

This webinar reviews a report from Milliman, Assessing Value of Therapies in Alzheimer’s Disease, that outlines a new framework for assessing the value of Alzheimer’s treatments and describes how the traditional approach to measure the value of therapeutics fails to address the challenges posed by AD. Available public health data show Alzheimer’s has severe and intangible effects on both the patient and caregiver, including unintended job loss, reduction in income, behavioral and psychiatric consequences, and much more. However, when the burden of diseases such as AD is assessed, traditional methods of analyses incorporate only direct medical costs and not the costs of health effects to family caregivers or work loss for family members related to care needs for loved ones with AD.

Additionally, the report outlines an alternative, equitable value assessment framework for use in AD that accounts for the ecosystem that surrounds people with AD, including the impact treatments may have on ameliorating social ills such as racial disparities.

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The report reflects the view of the authors, who are employees of Milliman, which does not endorse any product or program. Funding for the report was provided by the Alliance, which received supplementary grants from Biogen Inc. and Eli Lilly and Company.


Portrait of Bruce Pyenson.

Bruce S. Pyenson, FSA, MAAA
Principal, Consulting Actuary

Portrait of Phyllis Ferrell.

Phyllis Barkman Ferrell, MBA
Global Head of External Engagement, Alzheimer’s disease and Neurodegeneration
Eli Lilly and Company

Portrait of Sue Peschin.

Sue Peschin, MHS
President and CEO
Alliance for Aging Research

Portrait of Michael Ward.

Michael Ward, MS (Moderator)
Vice President of Public Policy
Alliance for Aging Research

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