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Correct Survey Answers

Please check one answer per row True False Not Sure
Storing medications in the bathroom vanity is not ideal since humidity can cause them to breakdown more quickly. x
If I take a medication frequently, I should store it on the kitchen counter or somewhere out in the open, so I’ll remember to take it. x
It’s best to store my medication in its original container, rather than mixing it with other medications in a pill organizer or other common container. x
I should always store prescription medications out of reach of young children, but I don’t need to worry about where I store over-the-counter medications. x
If I throw away a medication, first I should mix it with something like coffee grounds or kitty litter to make it unappealing. x
Some unused medications should be flushed down the toilet. Checking the FDA flush list can help. x
Take-back programs hosted by the DEA or local communities, are only for opioids and other addictive medications. x