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Our Best Shot: Preventing and Treating the Flu

Published September 13, 2021

While most of us have had the flu or know someone who has had it, we often do not realize how serious it can be. Each year in the United States, flu infections result in hundreds of thousands of hospitalizations and tens of thousands of deaths from related complications. Specific populations including infants, people with weakened immune systems, people from racial and ethnic minority groups, and older adults are at the highest risk of complications from the flu. However, the flu can be prevented through simple actions.

This short film explains what the flu is and how it is spread, describes what to do if you get the flu, and highlights the importance of preventive efforts, especially vaccination. By debunking common myths, showing when and where you can get a flu shot, and providing examples of different flu vaccines, including those designed for older adults, we encourage everyone to get vaccinated!

Watch this video with closed captioning, or learn why you should get your flu shot in 30 seconds or 60 seconds.