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New Educational Resource on Acetaminophen Now Available

June 26, 2014   |   Alliance for Aging Research Team   |   Medication Safety
Elderly person opening pill box.

The Alliance serves as one of the members of the Acetaminophen Awareness Coalition (AAC), a group of leading health, health care provider and consumer organizations dedicated to educating consumers and patients about how to use medicines containing acetaminophen safely.

Today, the AAC released a superb new report called Acetaminophen: How It’s Used, Preventing Overdose and What We Can Do to Promote Safe Use. Acetaminophen is found in more than 600 different prescription and over-the-counter medicines, including pain relievers, sleep aids, and cough, cold and allergy medicines. It is in fact America’s most common drug ingredient, used by more than 50 million Americans. While most people utilize acetaminophen appropriately, there are dangers involved if the proper dosage is exceeded.

This report serves as a valuable guide on acetaminophen and is filled with stats, infographics and practical tips everyone of all ages will want to know. We encourage you to visit to read it and to download a copy.

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