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Talking About Your Medicines

October 7, 2015   |   Alliance for Aging Research Team   |   Medication Safety
Pharmacist explaining prescription label to older man.

Today we want to talk about your medicines, as October serves as Talk about Your Medicines Month.

Medicines play an important role in the lives of almost all of us. According to the Mayo Clinic, nearly 70 percent of Americans take a prescription drug. Now consider the amount of over-the-counter medications we use to fight the flu, relieve our pain, and help get a better night’s sleep.

We are big believers in talking about the value of medication safety education. We recently released a survey about how Americans use OTC medications to treat their pain, and we work with partner organizations to educate about safe acetaminophen use.

This month the National Council on Patient Information and Education has launched a campaign focused on medicine education: Safe Use. Safe Storage. Safe Disposal. NCPIE hosts a site that is home to a vast library of resources on the safe, appropriate use of medicines.

We couldn’t agree more with this campaign. We have our own initiative to educate older adults on the importance of keeping their medications safely stored out of the reach of kids. This includes stats, an infographic, and more.

We hope you will use this month to talk with your doctor, pharmacist, and the other medical professionals in your life about your medicines. It’s through communication that we can all practice safe medical use.

For tips throughout October, follow us on Twitter and use #talkaboutyourmedicines.

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