March 4, 2020

Atherosclerosis and Its Serious Consequences – Infographic References

Sources for the Atherosclerosis and Its Serious Consequences Infographic…
March 4, 2020

Atherosclerosis and Its Serious Consquences

Click on the image above to view the full infographic. View the CAD and PAD Infographic Here.
August 27, 2019

New Survey Finds Vaccine Discussions Are a Low Priority at the Medicare Annual Wellness Visit

A recent survey distributed to primary care physicians and nurse practitioners found that vaccine discussions as part of prevention planning…
June 17, 2019

Morning Consult: A Survey on Access to TAVR

A new survey by Morning Consult,  commissioned for the Alliance for Aging Research, sampled a nationally representative group of 1,995…
December 20, 2018

Letter to Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services on the Need for High-Quality Shared Decision-Making

42 national organizations submitted this letter to Administrator Verma and Director Goodrich, urging CMS to establish clear guidance implementing the…
November 1, 2018

Year Without a Stroke Outreach Kit

The Year Without a Stroke campaign shares the real stories of people who have experienced and seen first-hand how serious…
August 23, 2018

The Common Denominator: Research Agenda to Slow Aging and Slow Disease

Scientists who study aging now generally agree that it is malleable and capable of being slowed. Rapid progress in recent years…
August 23, 2018

Healthspan Imperative Resource Guide

Welcome to the Resource Guide for The Healthspan Imperative. We encourage you to use this information as you share…
August 1, 2018

Our Best Shot: The Importance of Vaccines for Older Adults — Quick Guide Take-Home for Participants

Our Best Shot: Workshop Kit is designed for community leaders hosting workshops for seniors and their caregivers on the basics of vaccination. The "soup-to-nuts" kit covers how vaccines work, common vaccine-preventable diseases, vaccine safety and efficacy, the vaccine schedule for adults 60-64 and 65+, and where and how to get vaccinated. This Quick Guide to Vaccination is designed for participants to take-home with them and includes information on vaccine-preventable diseases and the vaccine schedule for adults ages 60 - 64 and 54+, plus a wallet-size vaccine tracker to help them keep track of their received and needed vaccinations.
July 18, 2018

Sources for TAVR NCD Infographic

Sources for infographic…