The Value of Alzheimer’s Therapies

The ACT-AD coalition announces the results of a new study, showing the economic impact of delaying new treatments for Alzheimer's disease, concluding that such treatments would be worth trillions of dollars to Americans.

  • Welcome and Introduction
    Daniel Perry, Chair, ACT-AD Coalition
    Executive Director, Alliance for Aging Research
  • Review of Study Findings
    Alzheimer's Disease and Cost-Effectiveness Analyses: Ensuring Good Value for Money?
    John Vernon, Ph.D., Study Author, Assistant Professor, Finance Department at the University of Connecticut School of Business, Faculty Research Fellow of the National Bureau of Economic Research
  • Policy Implications of Study
    Robert Goldberg, Ph.D. Study Author, Co-founder, Vice-President and Director of Programs for the Center for Medicine in the Public Interest (CMPI)
  • A Caregiver's Perspective on the Value of Alzheimer's Therapies
    Meryl Comer, Alzheimer's Association Board Member, Emmy-Award winning business and policy journalist, and Alzheimer's caregiver and activist

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