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2021 Impact Report: Meeting the Needs of Older Americans

Published May 5, 2022

We are proud to share with you the Alliance for Aging Research’s newly released 2021 Impact Report: Heartbreak and Hope: Meeting the Needs of Older Americans. This report summarizes our work over the last year. It’s also a testament to how important our work is and how much we still have to achieve to provide access to research, innovation, and quality care for everyone as they age.

Despite the ongoing pandemic and its profound impact on everyone’s well-being, there is much to be hopeful about. The Alliance celebrated its 35th year and, under the guidance and leadership of our President and CEO, Sue Peschin, made numerous accomplishments, including:

  • Celebrating the 5th Anniversary of Heart Valve Awareness Day with over 110 partners and thousands of advocates.
  • Working to improve clinical care for nursing home residents living with neuropsychiatric symptoms of dementia.
  • Creating and launching materials that share the truth about vaccines to combat misinformation and disinformation that causes vaccine hesitancy.
  • Increasing awareness of Medicare preventative services, including a closer look at vision and cognitive screening services.
  • And so much more! Please see here for more of our incredible accomplishments.

We at the Alliance are grateful for your support and partnership, which allows us to do meaningful work. Though new challenges appear before us in the new year, we remain hopeful that a healthier tomorrow rests ahead. We look forward to another year of improving the lives of aging Americans. Stay connected with us and support our work.

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