Tragic Passing of Muhammad Ali Reminder of the Dangers of Sepsis

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Over the weekend, the world lost one of its leading citizens, Muhammad Ali, at age 74. Throughout his life, he thrilled us with his athletic accomplishments in the ring, his entertaining personality out of it, and his courageous and inspiring battle with Parkinson’s disease.

Ali passed away on Friday due to what medical experts are calling “septic shock.” Last Monday, Ali had been hospitalized with a respiratory illness and was listed in fair condition. However, as the week progressed, his health began to decline. Eventually he developed sepsis, a life-threatening medical condition that arises when the body initiates a powerful immune response against an infection. The damage that resulted from this immune response led to Ali’s passing.

While we mourn the death of the impeccable Ali, this is also an opportunity to tell you about the dangers of sepsis and how it can be prevented.

Every year more than one million Americans develop sepsis. Anyone can get sepsis but two-thirds of all cases occur in people over the age of 65. It’s the 10th leading cause of death in the U.S., and up to 40 percent of patients don’t survive.

We realize the grave danger sepsis presents to older adults. This short video below offers an overview of the condition and how it can be prevented. You can also learn more about sepsis by visiting the Sepsis Alliance website.