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Aging in Motion

Aging in Motion (AIM) is a coalition of organizations working to advance research and treatment of sarcopenia and age-related functional decline; it’s led by the Alliance.

For more information on our educational resources related to Aging in Motion, see the Sarcopenia page.

Videos on Aging in Motion

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Sarcopenia: Taking Charge of Your Muscle Health As You Age

We all lose muscle mass as we age, but some of us lose it more quickly because of a serious…

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Sarcopenia: Cuidando da sua saúde muscular à medida que voc envelhece

A partir dos 30 anos, todos nós começamos a sofrer uma perda gradual tanto de massa muscular, como…

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Sarcopenia: Encargándose de su salud muscular a medida que envejece

A partir de los 30 años, todos empezamos a sufrir la pérdida gradual de masa muscular y A…


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