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Alliance Receives Two Gold Telly Awards

Published June 14, 2022

For nearly two decades, the Alliance has been creating educational films that make dense, confusing, and often intimidating medical concepts easy to access and understand. Our films have covered such topics as Alzheimer’s disease, medication safety, vaccination, sepsis, atrial fibrillation, and so much more. You can find all of our films in our video library.

These films have reached 100s of millions of people and produced millions of views. They have been shared on our website, through social media, in digital banner ads, on TV, in hospitals and healthcare offices, through partner outreach, on medical apps, and on many other platforms.

We are very proud of these films that give older adults and their loved ones easy access to evidence-based information to help them make informed, independent choices that lend to self-advocacy and improved health outcomes.

These videos have been recognized for their contributions by our colleagues and partners, as well as by organizations like the Telly Awards. The Telly Awards were founded in 1979 and recognizes the best work created within television and across video, for all screens. Each year they receive 12,000 entries from all 50 states and five continents and winners represent work from some of the most respected advertising agencies, television stations, production companies, and publishers from around the world.

The Alliance is honored to have received numerous Telly Awards over the years; and this year received two Gold Telly Awards—the highest honor given—for Shake the Stigma of Neuropsychiatric Symptoms and Sarcopenia: Taking Charge of Muscle Health as You Age.

Shake the Stigma of Neuropsychiatric Symptoms gives an important look at significant and disabling behavioral and psychological symptoms—neuropsychiatric symptoms (NPS)—that often accompany diseases and injuries to the brain and that can impact the way we interact with the world. NPS that lead to mood and emotional changes are symptoms that almost no one talks about, but they are common in Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and brain tumors, infections, and injuries. The reality is that these symptoms require medical attention, and this film addresses why we need to shake the stigma and recognize NPS as a medical condition that can be treated to lessen the burden of already devastating diseases.

Sarcopenia: Taking Charge of Muscle Health as You Age raises awareness about a serious condition that most people know very little about. Everybody loses muscle mass and strength with age, but sarcopenia causes more significant and rapid loss that can reduce the ability to perform simple tasks of daily living, like walking up stairs and getting out of a chair, and increase disability which may lead to loss of independence and the need for long-term care.

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