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Alliance to House Budget Committee: Changes Needed to Consider Long-Term Savings for Preventative Services

Published February 21, 2024

The typed words "health care" laying overtop several $100 bills.

Last week, the Alliance for Aging Research submitted comments to the United States House Committee on the Budget in support of H.R. 766, the Preventative Health Savings Act. H.R. 766 proposes a significant change in how healthcare costs are calculated and prioritized in the United States. It aims to ensure that the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) considers the long-term cost-saving potential of preventative healthcare initiatives accurately. This approach allows policymakers to make informed decisions that promote early detection, screening, and treatment, contributing to both patient well-being and the fiscal sustainability of healthcare programs.

The letter highlights the importance of preventative measures such as diagnostics and screenings across all age groups, particularly in an aging population susceptible to various health conditions. Studies consistently show the cost-effectiveness of early detection strategies and the importance of investing in prevention rather than treatment, which this bill would incentivize. In doing so, policymakers can mitigate the financial burden associated with advanced-stage diseases and enhance overall population health. 

The Alliance is optimistic that the Committee will pass H.R. 766 on a bipartisan basis. Find the full letter here.

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