The Alliance leads and partners with organizations in coalitions that engage in education, public policy and advocacy activities on issues that affect the older population. Those coalitions are featured here.


DefeatMalnutrition.Today was recently formed to address senior malnutrition. Its goals are 1) to achieve the recognition of malnutrition as a key indicator and vital sign of older adult health and 2) to work to achieve a greater focus on malnutrition screening and intervention through regulatory and/or legislative change across the nation’s health care system. 

Friends of the National Institute on Aging

The Friends of the NIA (FONIA) is a broad-based coalition of more than 45 aging, disease, research, and patient groups committed to the advancement of medical research that affects millions of older Americans. FONIA was founded to support the research and training mission of the National Institute on Aging (NIA) and to effectively address current and future challenges in aging research.

Friends of VA Medical Care and Health Research

Friends of VA Medical Care and Health Research (FOVA) is a diverse coalition of more than 75 national academic, medical and scientific societies, voluntary health and patient advocacy associations and industry that advocate appropriate funding for the health programs that serve the nation’s veterans. Among its many activities, FOVA members regularly brief members of Congress on the funding needs of health care and research at the Department of Veterans (VA), raise awareness of VA’s medical care and research programs, and host special events that highlight VA research successes.

IFA World Coalition on Adult Vaccination

Non-governmental organizations and academia, clinicians, public health and scientific experts and associations collaborating on a common agenda around a life course approach to vaccination with special attention to later life.

Leaders Engaged on Alzheimer’s Disease

Leaders Engaged on Alzheimer’s Disease (LEAD) is a national coalition whose mission is to mobilize an engaged network of key organizations committed to sharing information and advocating for national policies to increase attention to and awareness of Alzheimer’s disease, its care, treatment, prevention, research, and eventual cure. LEAD was created in February 2008 by the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America and USAgainstAlzheimer’s to bring together key stakeholders from the government, business and civic sectors to increase attention to and awareness of Alzheimer’s disease, its care, treatment, prevention, research and eventual cure.

Leadership Council of Aging Organizations

The LCAO is a large coalition of the nation's non-profit organizations serving older Americans. The 53 member association is diverse and dedicated to preserving and strengthening the well-being of America's older population, providing a voice for seniors and their families in the ongoing national debate on aging policy.

Medicare Today

Medicare Today is a broad-based partnership of more than 400 organizations representing seniors, patients, healthcare providers, caregivers, employers, and others with interests in Medicare. The mission of this nonpartisan partnership is to educate and inform Medicare beneficiaries, the media, and the public about the new benefits provided through The Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and Modernization Act of 2003.

Million Hearts

Heart disease and stroke are the first and fourth leading causes of death in the United States. Heart disease is responsible for 1 of every 4 deaths in the country. Million Hearts® is a national initiative that has set an ambitious goal to prevention 1 million heart attacks and strokes by 2017. 

National Association for Continence

National Association For Continence is a national, private, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to improving the quality of life of people with incontinence. NAFC's purpose is to be the leading source for public education and advocacy about the causes, prevention, diagnosis, treatments, and management alternatives for incontinence.

National Bone Health Alliance

The National Bone Health Alliance (NBHA) is a public-private partnership that brings together the expertise and resources of its partners from the public, private and non-profit sectors to collectively promote bone health and prevent disease; improve diagnosis and treatment of bone disease; and enhance bone research, surveillance and evaluation.


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