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Author: Noel Lloyd

Date: December 15th, 2014

The National Institute on Aging recently put out a call for comments and ideas for a draft of its strategic directions document, Aging Well in the 21st Century. (To learn more about its importance to the NIA, read this blog from its director, Dr. Richard Hodes.)

The Alliance responded to that call by sending a letter offering the following suggestions:

  • Greater emphasis on supporting the efforts of the NIA's Geroscience Interest Group (GSIG)
  • Broader coordination with other institutes on falls prevention as a strategy to reduce age-related bleeding risk in the clinical setting
  • Research how to effectively train clinicians to identify cognitive impairment and to effectively and comprehensively treat diagnosed patients and their family caregivers
  • Inclusion of advocacy organizations as part of NIA’s communication efforts, as well as broader and more creative strategies regarding outreach to state and federal policymakers

To read the letter, please download the PDF below.

Update:  Our ACT-AD Coalition also sent a response with comments on Alzheimer's disease.


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