June 15, 2018

ACT-AD Coalition Letter on FDA Early Alzheimer’s Disease Guidance

The majority of clinical trials conducted in Alzheimer’s disease have been for patients who received a definitive diagnosis after becoming…
June 8, 2018

The Chairman’s Blog: Medicare Should Help Patients Avoid the Angst of an Incorrect Alzheimer’s Diagnosis

Every year, thousands of Americans hear the devastating news that they have Alzheimer’s disease.  This diagnosis carries with it a…
May 23, 2018

GeroScience Interest Group Hosts Spring Seminar

The Trans-NIH GeroScience Interest Group (GSIG) hosted its spring seminar on Wednesday, June 6, from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m.,…
May 23, 2018

Learn about Protecting Your Eyesight During Healthy Vision Month

May is Healthy Vision Month, which makes it the perfect time to raise awareness about conditions that affect older adults’…
May 4, 2018

New York Times Article on Clinical Trials Features Quote from the Alliance for Aging Research

Today marks the end of Clinical Trials Awareness Week, but that doesn’t stop the need for raising awareness about the…
April 6, 2018

The Chairman’s Blog: The Value of AHRQ

The recent tug-of-war between the White House and Congress over the Federal Budget included a recurring attack on a small…
March 5, 2018

National Heart Valve Disease Awareness Day Kickoff Event Recap

February 22 was National Heart Valve Disease Awareness Day! This year, we celebrated at Inova Heart and Vascular Institute during…
February 20, 2018

A Q & A with Prof. Pieter Kappetein from Medtronic

This Thursday is National Heart Valve Disease Awareness Day. One of the sponsors of the day is Medtronic. We invite you…
January 19, 2018

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act: What Does It Mean for Older Adults?

Last month, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act passed the U.S. Congress. This legislation represents the most sweeping change in…
December 21, 2017

Dr. Gerard Karsenty on Bone Biology and Its Effect on Aging

In this latest edition of the Healthspan Expert Q & A, we speak with Dr. Gerard Karsenty, the Paul A. Marks M.D., professor and chair of the department of Genetics and Development at Columbia University Medical Center about his research into bone biology and its effect on aging.